Email addresses form a very crucial component of a company’s email marketing campaign. Finding the right way to source email addresses for your email lists is key to a successful email marketing campaign. The right email addresses will help you build a strong, high-quality customer base that will help you achieve outstanding ROI. Today, we have put together a few tips on how you can source email addresses for your email marketing campaigns with the best results! Keep reading.

Stay away from ‘off-the-shelf’ sources

Often, marketers may be tempted to look to unverified, ‘off-the-shelf’ sources for their email lists to save on their expenses. There are two reasons why doing so is wrong. The first, it is always better to gather data with the consent of your customers. Secondly, email lists sourced from unofficial sources may contain the unwanted presence of spam mail addresses. These addresses are of no value to email marketing campaigns, and all they do is reduce your open rates and drive up your bounces. Both of these are things you absolutely must avoid in order to enjoy a successful email marketing campaign.

Offer incentives

Customers that take part in helping you gather data for your email marketing campaign can be rewarded with various exclusive benefits and incentives to thank them for signing up for your campaign. This is a great way to establish and maintain long and beneficial relationships with your customers while also helping you gather data in an ethical and legitimate manner. The additional benefit is the fact that all the data you gather will be legitimate, which means you won’t run the risk of damaging your sender reputation or negatively affecting ROI.

Use social media

Social media can be one of the most effective tools in assisting you to find and source email addresses for your lists. Social media is especially helpful when it comes to gathering contact information for B2B mails. This is due to the extensive presence of businesses on social media platforms. You can also find other contact information such as addresses as well as telephone numbers, which can further enhance your reach.

Create engaging content

A great way to source legitimate email addresses for your email marketing campaign is to first start with a strong foundation in the form of content. Pay close attention to the content you create for your users in your mails. Your content should be relevant and of great help and assistance to the customer. If your content is of great quality and satisfies the needs and interests of your customers, they’ll readily subscribe to you for even more content. This will help you get legitimate mail addresses from people that are genuinely interested in your company, as well as help you build a strong relationship with new customers via email.

All of these tips – if used properly – can help you do really well in your email marketing campaigns. It is important to always verify your email lists to ensure that there are no unnecessary illegitimate email addresses present. The easiest way to do this is with the help of email verification services like X-EmailVerify that uses advanced and accurate technology to clean your email lists and filter out spam mail addresses. X-EmailVerify is budget-friendly and offers services of the highest quality too. We hope all of these tips will help you succeed in your next email marketing campaign. Happy emailing.