Email verification is an intricate process that often features several different components and protocols. SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is one such protocol. SPF is an email authentication protocol that helps the owner of a domain to specifically state exactly which email servers they use to send mails from that domain.

How does Sender Policy Framework (SPF) work?

SPF works by brands or companies first publishing their SPF records in the Domain Name System (DNS). This list is then used to record which IP addresses are authorised to send emails on behalf of their domains.

While conducting an SPF check, email providers verify the SPF record by checking for the domain name listed in the ‘envelope from’ address in the Domain Name System. IP addresses that send emails on behalf of the ‘envelope from’ domain that are not listed in the SPF record, it fails the SPF authentication.

The advantage of using SPF is that a domain protected by SPF is less likely to be target by potential scammers and phishers. This also means that your mails are less likely to be blacklisted by spam filters, thus ensuring that only legitimate emails are delivered.

Despite all of its advantages, SPFs have a few problems that you need to know about.

  1. SPF is not the only factor that influences if a message is blocked from the inbox. It takes several other factors to determine if a message gets blocked from an inbox.
  2. SPF disintegrates when a message is forwarded.
  3. It can be tedious to keep SPF records updated whenever a company changes service providers and adds mail streams due to a lack of visibility.
  4. SPF cannot protect companies from cybercriminals who may attempt to ‘spoof’ the display name or ‘header from’ address in their messages. This is the more frequently spoofed ‘from’ address since it is the most visible address to the customer.

SPF is an important protocol in the process of email verification. As an email marketer, it is important to be familiar with such terms and protocols in order to better understand what goes behind the process of email verification. It is thus important to use email verification services like X-EmailVerify. X-EmailVerify makes use of the best technology and protocols to ensure that you are provided with the best results in email verification in terms of accuracy and quality without any compromises.