Author: Titus DSouza

What is SPF?

Email verification is an intricate process that often features several different components and protocols. SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is one such protocol. SPF is an email authentication protocol that helps the owner of a domain to specifically state exactly which email servers they use to send mails from that domain. How does Sender Policy Framework […]

How to re-engage with an old email list

An email list is the most crucial component of any email marketing campaign. A clean, verified email list can help your ROI soar high while also keeping engagement rates and sender reputation consistently high. Companies may often have old email lists from previous campaigns that they may like to use for an upcoming marketing campaign […]

How to identify & protect yourself from phishing

The rapid technological advancements made in the field of communication have benefitted us greatly over the last decade. Communication has become more efficient and streamlined, thus enabling ease of access and breaking boundaries like never before. However, with these new advancements in communication, there have been rising instances of misuse of communication platforms for illegitimate […]

Why do my emails end up in the spam folder?

Being flagged for spam is one of the biggest fears a marketer has when conducting an email marketing campaign. Having your mails flagged as spam can spell disaster to the conversion potential of your email marketing campaign. Furthermore, mails getting flagged as spam can also damage your sender reputation. In today’s article, we discuss exactly […]

How to source email addresses

Email addresses form a very crucial component of a company’s email marketing campaign. Finding the right way to source email addresses for your email lists is key to a successful email marketing campaign. The right email addresses will help you build a strong, high-quality customer base that will help you achieve outstanding ROI. Today, we […]

Good email personalization and how to do it

Email personalisation can be a great way to bridge the gap between customer and company. A touch of personalisation can go a long way in establishing a good relationship with both existing as well as potential clients. On the statistical side of things, personalised emails can help boost the ROI by up to 18% when […]

How to grow your B2B email marketing list

Creating an email list can often be a strenuous task that consumes plenty of time and energy. A lot of people also believe the misconception that email is not as relevant or important in the world of communication as it once was. This could not be further from the truth. While building an email list […]