In the current global situation, the importance of maintain and developing contact with both potential as well as existing customers cannot be stressed enough. Emails have helped bridge the communication gap in a time where nearly all physical social interactions have come to a grinding halt.

While email messages can be a useful tool in aiding an organisations’ quest to achieve better ROI, they are often met with multiple hurdles that threaten to handicap the potential growth of an organisation.

Fortunately for you, X-EmailVerify is the perfect solution to all of the complexities and hurdles you may face during the process of mailing your customers. The state-of-the-art services offered by X-EmailVerify enable you to go ahead with your marketing strategies and fulfil your goals without any hassles or hiccups. If you’ve got an email verification problem, X-EmailVerify has you covered, and here’s how.

The power to track and verify emails in real time!

Yes, you read that line right. With the X-EmailVerify application, you’re empowered with the ability to verify and track email addresses in real time with the help of convenient validation API. The API ensures the filtering of fake emails from your list. This helps you by ensuring you have a clean and legitimate email list, thus increasing the chances of a positive ROI! Now we all want that, don’t we?

The ability to verify multiple mails at a time for a lower cost!

X-EmailVerify’s advanced features enable you to verify several emails at one time. What’s more, the greater the quantity of mails to verify, the lesser the cost and greater the happiness! This feature is a total no-brainer!

Accurate and convenient results

X-EmailVerify provides you with reports that feature high levels of accuracy. These reports help you analyse and understand your email lists in greater detail, thus helping yu plan better while also saving time and tension. As an added bonus, these reports are downloadable in a host of formats such as .doc, .xls or .csv

A convenient and user-friendly blacklist monitor

X-EmailVerify features an easy-to-use, accurate and convenient blacklist monitor. You have the ability to view fake and fraudulent emails in the blacklist, effectively ensuring you have a clean list while also helping you study and analyse the amount of illegitimate emails that may show up in your lists.

A filter that eliminates duplicate emails

Let’s face it. We’ve all had the displeasure of having to sift through endless email lists to pick out duplicate emails. But with X-EmailVerify, that stress is eliminated with its special duplicate email remover. Just as the name suggests, the eliminator scans your email lists and disposes duplicate emails. This ensures that you’re welcomed by a stress-free, clean and legitimate mail directory each time you access your list.

A Hard Bounce checker

Hard bounces often prove to be the biggest obstacles that prevent an organisation from achieving its ROI. With X-EmailVerify’s hard bounce checker, you enjoy piece of mind because the checker uses an untraceable validation method to determine the existence of factors that encourage hard bounces and then eliminates them, ensuring you have a clean mail list with better deliverability and enhanced ROI.

A Syntax-error checker

Syntax errors are one of the biggest factors that drive hard bounce rates through the roof. X-EmailVerify ensures that all emails all checked for syntax errors or unknown email formats before you deliver them. Doing so increases your deliverability, keeps your mail list clean and helps reduce your stress.

A DKIM Checker

X-EmailVerify’s in-built DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) checker enables you to determine and guarantee the authenticity of the location from which a mail was sent and to also determine if the mail was authorised by its domain owner.

Sender Policy Framework Checker

The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) Checker by X-EmailVerify helps combat the presence of spam mail in your lists by setting a standard that aids in filtering out unwanted mails. With the SPF checker, you won’t have to ever worry about the presence of unwanted spam mails in your list.

DMARC Checker

A DMARC Checker by X-EmailVerify helps in using advanced methods to identify and bring to notice the presence of fraudulent or harmful mails. The DMARC checker is an essential service because of the fact that it provides protection and ensures authenticity to your mail lists.

Here’s a brief summary of the amazing, helpful, and user-friendly services that X-EmailVerify has to offer. Using X-EmailVerify enables you to be ahead of the competition when it comes to achieving lower bounce rates, increased deliverability, and higher ROI. If you want to find success with your emails, X-EmailVerify is the way to go!