Every individual with an email address has at least once in their lifetime come across an email that has been nothing apart from annoying, boring, and downright useless. Yup, we’ve all been fed dozens of spammy, irrelevant, and unnecessary emails from marketers. While mails in the right quantity serve to help customers, one too many mails can become an unbearable nuisance.

A repetitive pattern of annoying mails can cause customers to hit the ‘Unsubscribe’ button, thus destroying the very purpose that marketing mails aim to serve, which is to educate and promote the services of an organisation. Here’s a list of the 5 most annoying things marketers tend to do with their mails. We bet you can relate.

  1. One too many mails

Mails sent in a sufficient quantity do a great job of establishing a communication bridge between customers and organisations. However, too many mails can end up being viewed as spam. As if this wasn’t bad enough, your customers will begin to associate your brand’s image to that of annoyance and negativity, which is the opposite of what you want to achieve with mails. Sending too many mails will also result in a degrade of your domain reputation, as your mails will inevitably end up getting reported as ‘spam’ and that can harm the reputation of your organisation.

Be sure to keep a check on the number of mails you send your customers. Additionally, you can also conduct surveys to analyse and understand how often your customers want to hear from you.

  1. Poor personalisation

We’ve all had the displeasure of receiving ‘personalised’ mails, only to find out there have been mistakes ranging from spelling errors in our names to poor grammar. Remember, the primary goal of a personalised mail is to help the customer feel welcomed and appreciated as a valuable member of the organisation. Making silly errors is only going to disappoint them and drive them away from your organisation, which will only serve to hurt your brands image and reputation.

  1. Not providing the option to unsubscribe

This easily has to be one of the most frustrating experiences for a customer. Not having the option to unsubscribe means the customer is burdened by unwanted mails that will only further harvest negative sentiments about your brand. Unwanted messages will inevitably end up being reported as ‘spam’, which as we all know is of no point.

  1. Sending mails with the intention to purely sell

Sending mails with the sole intention of generating sales is both a selfish as well as insensitive way to treat a customer. A customer deserves to be treated with respect and assistance, and the intentions of a mail that only aims to sell can be smelt from miles away. Such behaviour is off-putting to a customer and will result in a lack of interest by the customer.

  1. Irregular email frequencies

A frustrating thing that marketers tend to often do is email customers with irregular frequency. What begins as mails being sent on a regular basis suddenly gives way to a reduced number of emails, leaving customers feeling strange and confused. Doing so reduces the relevance of a brand to a customer, and results in the customer being out of loop with the on-goings of the organisation.

We hope these instances of annoying emails from companies based on our experiences will help you not repeat such mistakes, thus helping you serve your customers better. Until then, happy mailing!