We often lead our minds to believe in the saying “More is better”. While this saying may bode well for several things in life, the one thing it may not always apply to are emails. Marketers often assume that sending a large quantity of mails will directly result in a higher ROI and this is where they may be wrong.

Bad deliverability is one of the biggest reasons marketing campaign end up being derailed due to poor response. Bad deliverability affects the performance of your mails, which then goes on to affect your ROI. While many often underestimate the damaging potential of bad deliverability, it is important to wake up and create awareness about the importance of a clean email list that influences deliverability that enables you to increase your ROI significantly.

We’ve compiled a short list of some of the causes of bad deliverability so that you avoid making mistakes that many marketers out there tend to make.

  1. Poor list sourcing

In their quest to gain maximum attention and pique high levels of curiosity from target audiences, companies often don’t verify the sources of their email lists. The general misconception is that more mails in a list equal more success. However, the truth couldn’t be farther from that. Email lists that are acquired from unverified sources are often filled with useless spam email address to create the illusion of quantity. These spam mail addresses affect your brands email marketing campaigns as they serve no purpose to your campaign. You can use email verification services like X-EmailVerify to help you to clean your email lists and keep them devoid of unnecessary spam mails that will only harm your marketing plans.

  1. Too many complaints

If your emails are not attractive or relevant enough to the needs and nterests of your target audience, your emails are inevitably going to end up being marked as ‘Spam’ or get stashed in the ‘Junk’ folder. Too many of these complaints, and you’ll see your deliverability rates going south. Ensure your content is of value to your readers. Ensure that your content engages your audience, and does not enrage them.

  1. Low subscriber rates

Low subscriber rates are defined by the number of subscribers who are opening or closing your mails. Mailbox providers tend to segregate mails on the basis of how engaged the customer is with them so if your mails are disinteresting to the reader, they will inevitably find their way to the ‘Spam’ folder.

  1. Blocklisting

Blocklisting occurs when IPs or domains are added to a blocklist because they exhibit ‘spam mail-like behaviour’. Featuring in a blocklist will result in your mails beig kept away from the eyes of the reader, thus driving down ROI and increasing hard bounce rates.

These were some of the factors that enhance bad deliverability, thus putting to rest any illogical underestimations about the influence bad deliverability has on email marketing campaigns.

Thankfully, email verification services like the one offered by X-EmailVerify help you to turn your unclean, spammy email lists into clean, efficient, and legitimate lists that guarantee high ROI. Using email verification helps you to achieve good deliverability rates, which is exactly what you should look for when you really want your email marketing campaigns to succeed.