Let’s face it, we’ve all been in a situation where we’ve been disheartened to find that an email marketing campaign that was touted for guaranteed success has not delivered the results that were expected of it. While such a situation often brings about gloom and disappointment, it is important to regroup and analyse the intricacies of your campaigns to find out any flaws that may have handicapped the possible potential of your campaign. In the upcoming points, we’ll be going through the email copy mistakes that you must avoid to ensure the potential for your email marketing campaign to grow and develop is not hampered.

  1. Not placing your focus on establishing long term relationships

Companies often mail customers with the intention of bagging that ‘first sale’, without placing their focus on establishing a relationship with a lead that can be nurtured over a period of time, resulting in good business as well as guaranteeing the loyalty of the customer. You need to plan your email marketing campaigns in a manner that encourages the establishment and growth of long-term relationships that benefit both your company as well as the customer.

  1. Not optimizing email subject lines

Often times, customers are burdened with dry, drab and unnecessarily long subject lines that could have been optimised to fit in a smaller space. Crisp to-the-point subject lines score higher in terms of being more appealing and attractive to the eyes of readers. Many companies tend to undermine the influence and importance of subject lines without realising the impact it can have on an email marketing campaign. Make sure to use clear, concise and minimal language to define the purpose of your mail.

  1. A lack of personalisation

Customers like reading mails that feature content that is relevant to their needs and interests. One of the biggest, yet simple mistakes companies make is not curating personalised, relevant content for customers. Doing so results in a gap that distances the customer from the company which is bad for long-term growth of an email marketing campaign. Conduct surveys and feedback forms to better understand what type of content your customer prefers. This practice will help you create niche content that is both attractive as well as relevant, thus driving customers to look forward to your mails, which will drive up open rates and boost deliverability.

  1. A lack of A/B testing

By A/B testing your subject lines, you will be able to analyse and understand what your target demographic responds to. Just like the above point, A/B testing will help you create content that is tailored to meet the needs and interests of your target audience, thus ensuring your content always stands out while also being useful and valuable to your target audience.

  1. Recycling content

This has to be the worst mistake any company can dare to make. Recycling old content in your mails may sound like a resource-saving option, but it paints a very negative picture of your company in the minds of the target audience. Recycling old content makes your brand look lazy. It also displays a lack of concern/importance to the needs and interests of the target audience, thus putting them off from interacting or engaging with your brand.

  1. Unclear CTA (Call to Action)

Having an unclear CTA in your email copy can confuse readers and defeat the entire purpose of sending out the mail in the first place. It is important to provide the relevant CTA in your copy to ensure that the reader engages in the desired manner..

  1. Writing to purely sell

Once too often, we receive mails from companies that only seem bothered in pushing products in front of eyes with the sole intention of selling. This displays a lack of emotion and concern and paints a picture of greed and selfishness. Remember, the aim with emailing is to establish a two-way relationship. Focus on the readers and their needs. Focus on explaining why the reader should be interested in your product. Create a strong case for your product instead of just selling and you’ll enjoy higher open rates and better ROI.

We hope the mistakes listed here will help you in your email marketing journey. Remember to focus on the needs and interests of your target audience before you create a copy, and you’ll notice your campaigns doing much better. Happy emailing!