An email list is the most crucial component of any email marketing campaign. A clean, verified email list can help your ROI soar high while also keeping engagement rates and sender reputation consistently high. Companies may often have old email lists from previous campaigns that they may like to use for an upcoming marketing campaign in order to save on certain expenses. While this may not be a bad practice, there are a few precautions you need to take before using old email lists. In today’s article, we will discuss how you can re-engage with an old email list and what measures you can take to guarantee amazing results.

Bulk email verification

As an email marketer, you must have obviously heard of the term ‘bulk email verification’. It can be defined as the verification of multiple email addresses in an email list. This is usually done by an email verification service like X-EmailVerify. Bulk email verification enables you to simultaneously verify a large number of email addresses in your list, thus saving you time and energy that you would have to spend in verifying individual email addresses. X-EmailVerify offers a bulk email verification service that helps you monitor the presence of spam mails in your list in real-time.

How does email verification help an email campaign?

Email verification solves several problems that normally tend to arise during email marketing campaigns. Here are some of the ways email verification can help benefit your email marketing campaign goals.

  1. Reduce bounce rates

A ‘bounce’ occurs when you send an email to a non-existent email address. This is called a hard bounce. The occurrence of a hard bounce badly affects your email sender reputation, which is a score that is allotted to you by Internet Service Providers (ISPs). A good sender reputation means more providers will accept your emails from your IP address.

  1. Better deliverability

Cleaner email lists mean that you will receive fewer spam complaints from your customers. This in-turn will help boost deliverability, which is essential to the success of an email marketing campaign. Better deliverability means more emails will get delivered to inboxes.

  1. Higher engagement rates

Better deliverability and fewer spam complaints will result in more engagement with your emails. This means more customers will engage and interact with your mails, which will then drive up the ROI potential of your email marketing campaign.

How do I re-engage with old customers?

  • Segmentation : – Segmentation is an important way of sorting out your customers according to various factors such as geography, demographics, shopping preferences, etc. Segmentation helps you create content that is tailor-made to the tastes and preferences of each customer, which helps you reach out to your customers in a more personalised, interactive way.
  • Welcome mails: – When reconnecting with old customers, it is important to send welcome mails to freshen the customer’s memory of your company. This is a good way to reconnect with old customers.
  • Strong subject lines: – Strong subject lines are important when sending mails to old customers as these subject lines can act as a point of attention. A good email subject line can help in deciding if a customer opens your mails or not.
  • Ask for feedback: – It is important to constantly ask for feedback from your customers so that you know where and how you can improve in providing better services to your customers.

Re-engaging with old customers can be a wonderful experience if you take the right steps and also get your contacts verified. Email verification services like X-EmailVerify provide email verification solutions that suit all budgets while making zero compromises on accuracy and technology. Happy emailing.