Picture this. You’ve just typed out an amazing email. The grammar is on point, the language flows like poetry and you’re making all the right points. Seems to be a no-brainer for success, right? But wait a second, slow down. Are you absolutely sure you’ve checked everything?

Here are a few basic things you need to check before you send out that superstar email that’s going to bring you a ton of positive reviews and compliments, not to mention loads of business too! We’ve compiled this list based on our experiences, so that you ensure to never overlook these basic, yet important points.

Make sure to test your links and templates

Although this may sound like a very basic and obvious tip, it turns out that links and templates are often the most overlooked when it comes to sending successful emails. Emails with malfunctioning links and templates serve no purpose as they make life inconvenient for the customer. Additionally, poorly-working links and templates result in a poor image for your organisation, and that is something you do not want.

Be sure to manually test simple links such as “Unsubscribe” or “View in browser” to make sure they are working exactly as they are supposed to. Using duplicate templates may seem convenient, but there are several things that can go awry with such templates as well. Be sure to double-check your templates for any flaws or malfunctions. E-mail service providers and algorithms have the tendency to change very frequently, which makes testing links and templates all the more important.

Verify your email lists and analyse your reports

It hurts to see a genuinely well-thought-of mail get lost into the endless realm of the internet simply because of an unverified email list. What’s worse, your ROI suffers immensely too because of this, meaning you spend more time and energy and end up achieving little in the form of results. With the X-EmailVerify application, you can track and verify email lists in real-time, enabling you to achieve a cleaner email list while also reducing stress.

While you’re in the process of verifying your email lists, spend a little time analyzing your reports too. X-EmailVerify’s accurate and user-friendly reports help you analyze and understand your bounce rates, check for spam complaints, and even study the movement of your open and close rates. A thorough examination of a report enables you to understand your analytics, thus helping you get rid of strategies that hurt your goals and helping you focus purely on achieving a better ROI.

Check, re-check and even triple check your copy

This may sound like an obvious point but sifting through your email copy more than 2-3 times will ensure you’re able to pick out the most microscopic of errors. Nothing looks more unappealing than an email copy riddled with grammatical errors and silly spelling mistakes. A copy with such errors can be compared to a road strewn with potholes. It doesn’t take a scientist to tell you that reading a poorly-written copy is not a pleasurable experience.

This point brings us to the end of our recommendations for the three things you absolutely must check before you send out a mail. While content will always be king, it would be terribly foolish to overlook simple, but necessary points like testing links and templates, verifying email lists and studying reports and rechecking your copy several times.

X-EmailVerify’s world-class, the accurate application helps take care of all your email verification solutions, thus ensuring that you get the best ROI results without the hassle and stress that usually accompanies the planning and execution of mails. Happy emailing!